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[4-1]_(96~101) Lingual Orthodontic Reloaded: The Next Web-remote Generation

Lingual Orthodontic Reloaded: The Next Web-remote Generation

Stefano Velo

Private Practice in Abano Terme, Padova, Italy

Purpose: Advances in Technology are spreading into all areas of daily life and most occupations. Lingual Orthodontics is also benefi tting from signifi cant advances in virtually all areas of practice. The purpose of this article is to assess the future perspectives and possible horizons of digital technology, materials and robotics applied to clinical lingual practice.

Methods: In this article, we have included present and future technologies and materials all of which will revolutionize the methods of treatment and the role of the orthodontist. GPS Dynamic custom brackets, iperfl exible wire robotmade, CBCT x- ray, intraoral digital scanners and Web Remote Control are all analyzed in regards to their clinical effi cacy.

Results: While many of the new technologies have already demonstrated signifi cant improvements in many stages of treatment compared with traditional methods, we introduce a futuristic but reliable orthodontis’s role, with signifi cant improvements in the quality, precision, comfort and speed of lingual treatment.

Conclusion: We believe the role of the Orthodontist is evolving from that of a traditional "wire bender" to that of a Hitech-orthodontist clinical manager. An Orthodontist that understands the biological, anatomical and physiological traits, limitations and implications of the different malocclusions will considers and solve them with less manual applications due to advances in digital technology and robotics. The role of the Orthodontist is evolving into the Controller/Manager of the whole chain application to ensure that the desired fi nal results are achieved

Key words: GPS-Dynamic custom brackets, Web-remote control, Iperfl exible wire robot-made, Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), Intraoral digital scanner (IDS)

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2015;4(1):96-101

11(96-101) KJLO 15-106
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