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[1-1]_(19-23) An Evaluation of Slot Size in Lingual Orthodontic Brackets

An Evaluation of Slot Size in Lingual Orthodontic Brackets

Seung-Min Lim1 , Ryoon-Ki Hong2,3

1 Gajiruni Orthodontic Clinic, 2 Department of Orthodontics, Chong-A Dental Hospital, 3 Department of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Purpose: To investigate precise slot size and shape of 5 commercially available lingual brackets in the 0.018-inch dimension.

Methods: 5 upper central incisor lingual brackets of 5 different bracket systems were randomly selected and measured size and shape of horizontal slot. All of the brackets were 0.018-inch metal brackets and one of them was self ligating bracket. Bracket size and shape were measured to 1mm tolerance by 1 operator.

Results: Actual Ormco 7th generation slot showed 17% bigger than the manufacture’s stated bracket slot dimension, and bracket slot dimensions of Stealth, Fujita, In-Ovation L, and STb were 7.6%, 6.0%, 5.2% and 2.5% bigger than stated dimension, respectively. Ormco 7th generation and STb have divergent bracket slot shape, and In-Ovation L has slightly divergent bracket slot shape. Stealth has parallel bracket slot wall. However, Fujita bracket has slightly convergent slot shape.

Conclusion: In lingual orthodontics, indirect bonding system is common using setup model which is fabricated by clinician’s preference. In this case, it would be helpful to consider actual bracket slot size and shape before set up model is fabricated in order to avoid unexpected change of anterior teeth inclination.

Key words: Slot size, Lingual bracket, Anterior torque

Korean J Lingual Ortho 2012;1(1):19-23

19-23 KJALO1-1
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