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[1-1]_(41~52) 2D Lingual Bracket- Clear Aligner Combined OrthodonticTreatment

2D Lingual Bracket- Clear Aligner Combined Orthodontic Treatment

Gi-Sun Bae

Sun Orthodontic Clinic, Busan, Korea

2D 설측브라켓과 Clear Aligner를 함께 사용하는 간편설측교정치료


부산 선부부치과

Purpose: To introduce “the 2D lingual bracket-Clear aligner combined treatment” as a new esthetic treatment for adult patient.

Methods: Since the concept of moving teeth with a clear thermoforming appliance was introduced by Dr. McNamara in 1985, Clear overlay appliances - likes Invisalign or Clear aligner - was used as an esthetic appliance for adult patients, especially in orthodontic relapse cases and minor tooth movement of anterior teeth. But there are some biomechanical and clinical limitations for using the appliance in the comprehensive orthodontic treatment because of mechanical properties of the appliance. Those are; 1) Longer treatment time, 2) High degree of patient’s compliance is critical, 3) Difficult to control teeth properly in some type of movement. To overcome these problems, the 2D lingual bracketClear aligner combined technique was introduced. Due to their extremely lower profile, the 2D lingual brackets can be used in combination with the Clear aligner and it can help to solve the clinical problem of the Clear aligner. Moreover, the Clear aligner can provide torque control and acts like a guidance for orthodontic force during the 2D lingual bracket treatment.

Results: Treatment mechanics of the 2D lingual bracket and Clear aligner are complementary to each other so it can help to move teeth properly.

Conclusion: The 2D lingual bracket-Clear aligner combined treatment is a simple and effective method to correct anterior problems in adult patient

Key words: 2D lingual bracket, Clear overlay appliance, Clear aligner, Invisalign

Korean J Lingual Ortho 2012;1(1):41-52

41-52 KJALO1-1
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