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[2-1]_(53~64) Effective Lower Incisor Intrusion Using Lingual Appliance

Effective Lower Incisor Intrusion Using Lingual Appliance

Joong-Ki Lim, Sang-Hee Lee

Yon Dental Clinic, Seoul, Korea

Purpose: This article introduces the effective lower incisor intrusion with lingual appliance.

Methods: In order to improve deepbite in adult patients, intrusion of the maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth is often needed. When an intrusion of the lower incisor is required, considering the amount maxillary anterior teeth exposure (maxillary incisor display), if using traditional labial appliance, labial flaring will occur as well as intrusion of the lower incisor. On the other hand, with the lingual appliance, pure intrusion without labial flaring is possible because intrusion force is applied directly above its center of resistance. In 2 patients showing protrusive lip and deepbite, upper incisor retraction was attempted, maintaining the amount of upper incisor exposure. Due to the skeletal discrepancy, mandibular dentition was treated with the non-extraction. Using lingual appliance, pure intrusion of the anterior teeth and tip back movement of the total mandibular dentition was planned.

Results: After the orthodontic treatment, protrusion was relieved through the upper incisor retraction and appropriate interincisal angle was formed thanks to the lower incisor intrusion without labial flaring.

Conclusion: The lingual orthodontic appliance could be a useful alternative in deepbite patient who needs pure lower incisor intrusion.

Key words: Center of resistance, Pure intrusion, Lingual appliance

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2013;2(1):53-64

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