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[4-1]_(26~36) Start-off by Thinking of the End

Start-off by Thinking of the End

Pablo Echarri

Clínica Echarri, Ronda General Mitre, Barcelona, Spain

The 50% of the success of an orthodontic treatment is based on diagnosis and the treatment plan. The treatment plan should be individualized according to the clinical case and the characteristics of a patient, beginning with the customized prescription, arch wires sequence and finishing with the detailing protocol. When the values of the individualized prescriptions are decided the bracket positioning should be accurate and measurable in order to evaluate its eff ects and to have the possibility to correct these values in the detailing stage, if necessary. Th e lab procedure using set-up models, with the Set-up Model Maker (SUM) and the Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR) or without set-up models using the Accurate Bracket Positioner (ABP), allow us to carry out all of these. In both protocols (with or without setup models) it is possible to duplicate a transfer tray with the same initial bracket position, if it's necessary to rebond a bracket and the initial transfer tray is missing of damaged. Also, it is possible to make a new transfer tray modifying any of the bracket parameters (height, in-out, rotation, mesio-distal inclination and torque) to improve the final position of any teeth at the detailing stage. Th is system also can be managed easily, in-offi ce, by the clinician, or at the lab, always under the control of the orthodontist. Having the values of the brackets prescription, it is also possible to learn more, treatment by treatment, about the prescription customized according to the orthodontist's techniques.

Key words: Lingual orthodontics, Detailing, Customized prescription

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2015;4(1):26-36

04(26-36) KJLO 15-105 (1)
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