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[4-1]_(51~62) Lingual Biomechanics Based on Customized Prescription

Lingual Biomechanics Based on Customized Prescription

Martín Pedernera

Centro de Ortodoncia y ATM Ladent, Barcelona, Spain

Th is paper is a summary of the speech I gave during the 6th World Society of Lingual Orthodontic in Seoul, Korea the past 3-5 of July 2015. Th e aim of the lecture was to demonstrate the importance of customizing the prescription specially focused in the correction and overcorrection of the teeth following the knowledge of Roth and Swain who said that an overcorrection of 10% to 15% is needed to totally correct the rotation of a tooth, to complete the movement, to minimize the archwires bending and to avoid the relapse due to an incomplete correction of a rotated tooth.

Key words: Lingual orthodontics, Customized prescription, Rotation, Accurate bracket positioner

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2015;4(1):51-62

06(51-62) KJLO 15-104
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