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[4-1]_(87~89) Effective Leveling and Alignment in Lingual Orthodontics

Eff ective Leveling and Alignment in Lingual Orthodontics

Hyung Sik Yoon

Private Practice, Seoul All-Barun Dental Clinic, Suwon, Korea

Purpose: Th is article reports eff ective and effi cient leveling methods in lingual orthodontics.

Methods: 35-year-old-woman visited a clinic due to crowding and lip protrusion. Since the patient wanted an invisible appliance, we selected the Clippy-L lingual bracket system for her treatment.

Results: Leveling and alignment were completed efficiently by taking accounts of action, reaction and center of rotation.

Conclusion: There are some points to consider to achieve effective and efficient leveling and alignment in lingual orthodontics.

Key words: Leveling and alignment, Lingual orthodontics

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2015;4(1):87-89

09(87-89) KJLO 15-110 (1)
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