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[4-1]_(90~95) The Point of View. When Treatment Results Are Caused By Mistakes of the Set Up Models

The Point of View. When Treatment Results Are Caused By Mistakes of the Set Up Models

Maria Vasilyeva, Tamara Kosyreva

Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontia, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia

Purpose: Mastering the treatment of patients by lingual technics is the essential task in orthodontic clinical. The final functional and aesthetic results of occlusion aft er the treatment are oft en inconsistent with the six keys of the right occlusion. One of the reasons can be the orthodontist’s underestimation on the laboratory made setup. To outline the importance of being careful in approval of an ideal off ered setup by technicians. As in practice we have come across many cases with different lingual appliances when we can see many mistakes which are visible at the final stage.

Methods: Customization of brackets and the production of transfer trays are performed on the ideal setup model, each model should be prepared in precise accordance with the orthodontist’s intentions for treatment. Th e ideal setup model is based on Andrews’s Six Keys to Optimal Occlusion. We analyzed 50 cases setups models and compared them with pictures of those patients.

Results: The setups analyzing showed that the setup itself included those mistakes. These mistakes were found in every setup models. Moreover the most and less common mistakes have been pointed out. In most cases they are connected with underestimation of the proper inclination of canines (66%), and premolars (42%) and molars (15%).

Conclusion: Th orough evaluation and modifi cation on the stage of setup will come to improvement of the treatment results. The coordination in work between the orthodontists and technicians is very important for the time of treatment and comfort of our patients. It is a key to success. It requires further investigation.

Key words: Setup models, Keys of occlusion

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2015;4(1):90-95

10(90-95) KJLO 15-102
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