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[5-1]_(38~45) Use of Digital Technology in Lingual Orthodontics

Use of Digital Technology in Lingual Orthodontics

Hyung-Jun Cho1 , Seung-Hoon Oh2 , Yang-Ho Park3

1 Barunee Orthodontic Clinic, Incheon,

2 Smile Making Dental Clinic, Ansan,

3 Park’s Dental Clinic, Cheongju, Korea

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the substitutability of digital setup in lingual orthodontic treatment. Also we evaluated the possibility and supplement points in introducing digital technique in lingual orthodontics. Results: Lingual orthodontic treatment was conducted with digital scanner, digital setup program, and 3D printer. An aesthetic smile and functional occlusion was made. Conclusion: Digital lingual orthodontic setup can substitute manual lingual setup. Digital technology in lingual orthodontics can leads to detailed, precise treatment results. Also quantified comparison is possible before and after treatment. Accumulated data can also be applied for long term research.

Key words: Digital setup, Lingual orthodontics, Lateral cephalograms, Digital jig positioning, Jig print out

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2016;5(1):38-45

06(038-045) KJALO 5-1
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