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[6-1]_(43~55) Lingual Orthodontic Treatment Using Incognito Appliance (Customized Lingual Appliance)

Lingual Orthodontic Treatment Using Incognito Appliance (Customized Lingual Appliance) in Skeletal Class II Premolar Extraction Cases with Normal Maxillary Incisal Inclination

Moonhwan Kim

Suji-joeun Orthodontic Clinic, KALO, Yongin, Korea

The need of esthetic orthodontic appliance is expanding by the increasing number of adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment. Alternatives to labial applianceinclude clear aligners and lingual appliance. There have been many advances in technology of clear aligner appliance. However clear aligner appliance still have many limitations, especially in extraction cases. Compared with labial orthodontic treatment , lingual orthodontic treatment have many limitations to be overcome, including various irregularities in the lingual surfaces of teeth to which the brackets are attached, accuracy and location of the bracket attachment. Customization of the appliance meets individual requirements of each patient due to highly variable lingual morphology. This paper introduces the Incognito Appliance System based on customized brackets and pre-bent wires using CAD/CAM manufacturing procedures.

Key words: Incognito Applianc system, Customized lingual appliance, Torque control

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2017;6(1):43-55

05(043-055) KJLO 17-6-102
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