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Evaluation of Maxillary Anterior Root Position Based on ConeBeam Computed Tomography

Jang Yeol Lee
Smileagain Orthodontic Center, Seoul, Korea

Torque control of the anterior teeth is a well-known issue in lingual orthodontics, which is more difficult and requires more careful attention than labial orthodontics. Such anterior torque control should be planned during the diagnosis process before treatment and should be biomechanically incorporated into the treatment plan. The inclination of the anterior teeth has been primarily evaluated and planned using two-dimensional lateral cephalometric radiographs, but dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) has recently provided more three-dimensional and diverse information. Therefore, in this study, we will review various information on incisal inclination and anterior torque control in lingual orthodontics that can be obtained using dental cone beam CT and introduce how it can be used and applied in the treatment process.

Key words: Lingual orthodontics, Cone beam CT, Root position, Anterior torque control, Incisal inclination

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2022;11(1):26-34

04) KJLO (26-34)_22-102
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