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Lingual Orthodontic Treatment of a Skeletal Class III OpenBite Using Miniscrews by Rotating the Mandibular OcclusalPlane

Jung-Min Heo
HEO Orthodontic Clinic, Seoul, Korea

A 26-year-old woman had an anterior open bite and a skeletal Class III relationship with a prognathic mandible. She refused surgery, so a nonextraction treatment plan was developed. Because molar intrusion for anterior open bite correction may result in counterclockwise rotation of the mandible and deterioration of the skeletal Class III relationship, the mandibular dentition was totally distalized and the mandibular occlusal plane was rotated counterclockwise with miniscrews in the retromolar area. The active treatment period was 28 months. With proper overbite and overjet and an acceptable facial profile, a Class I occlusion was achieved.

Key words: Skeletal Class III open bite, Miniscrew, Occlusal plane rotation, Lingual orthodontics

Korean J Lingual Orthod 2022;11(1): 18-25

03) KJLO (18-25)_22-103
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